ARD & No License Suspension Saves Job for Washington County Client

In December of 2017, Attorney Zuckerman successfully lobbied the ARD Court judge for leniency on behalf of a client facing a loss of employment with a license suspension. The client was charged with a 1st Offense, Middle Tier DUI based upon having a blood alcohol concentration between a .10% to a .16%, but closer to the higher end of this range. 

Although a negotiated agreement was reached for him to be admitted into the ARD program, he faced a 30 day license suspension upon conviction. Given his line of work, he stood a near 100% chance of losing his job, pension, and health benefits. 

Prior to the case being called, Attorney Zuckerman was able to successfully argue at sidebar for the Court to admit the client into ARD on a DUI - General Impairment charge, which carries no license suspension. This offense allowed him to continue to provide for his family while also holding him properly accountable for the decision to drink and drive.