Under Pennsylvania's Controlled Substances, Drugs, Device and Cosmetic Act, you can be charged with various misdemeanor and felony drug crimes with serious penalties.

The most common types of charges include:


Never assume you are guilty of a drug offense even if drugs are found on your person, in your home, or in your vehicle. Drug investigations can be filled with errors and practices which violate your Constitutional rights. Here's a list of the most common errors made during drug investigations:

  • Failing to conduct DNA and fingerprint testing of containers used to hold drugs, including baggie corners, purses, glove compartments, safes, dresser drawers and other common storage items and locations.

  • Lacking probable cause to conduct a search of your person or vehicle.

  • Failing to obtain a search warrant before searching your person, home or vehicle.

  • Using defective search warrants.

  • Failing to test drug paraphernalia (needles, pipes, bongs, and empty stamp bags) for the presence of controlled substances.

  • Ignoring evidence that the drugs found belonged to someone else.

  • Claiming that the presence of cash on your person was obtained through “drug dealing” as opposed money you earned at your job.

  • Failing to disclose the identity of a Confidential Informant (CI) who has provided information in return for a great deal from the Assistant District Attorney.

  • Using biased narcotics experts to testify against you.


The penalties for a Drug Crime conviction are harsh, and may include:

  • Lengthy county jail or state prison sentence.

  • Fines and Court Costs

  • Forfeiture of Property and Assets you Lawfully Acquired

  • Inability to own or carry a firearm, with increased future penalties if a firearm is found in your possession

  • Loss of educational and employment opportunities

  • Difficulties securing housing


Drug Defense Attorney David Zuckerman has the trial experience, negotiation skills, education and ability to vigorously defend your case from start to finish. As a former Drug Prosecutor, Attorney Zuckerman understands how drug cases are investigated, and will work to exploit all errors in the process to your advantage. In appropriate cases, he will fight for your entry into various diversionary and pre-trial programs, which may include:

  • Probation Without Verdict (PWV) for First-Time Offenders: End probation with no conviction and ability to expunge charges from record.

  • Reduced plea from Simple Possession to a Summary Disorderly Conduct offense.

  • Favorable Early Disposition Program (EDP) plea at Pittsburgh Municipal Court.

  • Entry into a Drug Court Program.

  • State Boot Camp as an alternative to Mandatory Sentencing.

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