Let's Fight to Get your Loved One Out of Jail

Let's Fight to Get your Loved One Out of Jail


Bond is commonly referred to as Bail, and is imposed by judges to protect the community and make sure a person shows up to court. A person charged with a crime will receive one of the following types of bond:

  • Release on Recognizance (ROR): Released without conditions and without having to post a cash bail.

  • Non-Monetary Bond: Released without having to post a cash bail, but with certain conditions being imposed. These may include no contact orders and refraining from drinking alcohol.

  • Monetary Bond: Released once a person posts a cash bond. This can be a straight amount, where the entire amounts must be posted, or a percentage cash bond, where a percentage must be paid. A person with $50,000 straight bond must pay the entire $50,000, while a person with a $50,000 bond at 10%, must only pay $5,000 for release.

  • Bond Denial or Revocation: Where the judge denies bond on a case, typically occurring when a person fails to appear for court or violates a condition of non-monetary bond.

There is no formula by which bond is set on your case. Many people are sitting in jail awaiting trial on unreasonably high bond amounts. To make matters worse, a person who has been sitting in jail is more likely to plead guilty to a crime they didn't commit just to get out of jail.

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