We accept all major credit cards

We accept all major credit cards


When it comes to hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, cost can be a limiting factor. Our firm has taken on cases for those who earn too much to qualify for a public defender, but don't have much leftover when bills are paid. Many - if not most - Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys demand to be paid in full up front. 

At the Zuckerman Law Firm, we believe strongly in providing high-quality legal representation for a reasonable price. While we make no promises regarding your eligibility for a payment plan, we have worked with clients on certain types of cases on payment plans, where a percentage of the fees are due up front and the remaining balance to be paid over a set period of time.

We accept cash and checks, along with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. To determine if you qualify for a payment plan, please contact the Zuckerman Law Firm right away at 412-447-5580 for a free consultation. 

Note: The Zuckerman Law Firm makes no promises or guarantees regarding the firm’s willingness to accept cases on payment plans or arrangements. Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis, including, but not limited to the following factors: your employment status, the phase of prosecution, the scheduled date of your next court appearance, the severity of the charges, your ability to pay the retainer over a proposed period of time, the ability to have payments processed automatically or according to a set schedule, and the likelihood of the matter proceeding to trial in the future. 

We DO NOT accept payment plans on the following types of matters:

  • All cases where the person is charged with Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and sexual assault crimes

  • All motions, including bail and detainer motions.

  • Probation violation hearings

  • Most trials

  • Any case that is past the Formal Arraignment phase