Prostitution crimes are aggressively investigated by detectives and police departments throughout Western Pennsylvania. Many counties have specially trained prostitution investigators that acquire internet information through websites like Craigslist, while conducting “sting operations” at hotels and other establishments.

You do not have to perform, or be caught in the act of performing a sex act to be charged with and convicted of a prostitution offense. A simple agreement to perform a sex act for money or property can be sufficient under Pennsylvania Law to charge and convict both the alleged buyer and seller of “sexual services.” Additionally, prostitution charges apply to those who oversee facilities where paid sex acts occur, as well as those who assist others in arranging for paid sexual activity.


There are many components to investigating and defending your prostitution case. These cases often require a detailed review and analysis of electronic data, phone records and text messages, as well as the very specific statements and acts engaged in by all of the the co-defendants and police officers.

There are instances where your case may be dismissed based upon the “extreme and outrageous conduct” of a poorly trained or sexually deviant police officer. An example of this conduct arises where the police officer engages in sexual acts with an accused person. While this type of behavior is uncommon, a simple internet search reveals many instances where this has occurred.

Furthermore, the police will try to classify all of your cash, computers, cell phones, vehicles and other valuable personal property as “contraband,” regardless of whether or not this personal property is used in any criminal manner. This not only helps them prove their case, but they want to have the judge sign a forfeiture order do the proceeds can be used by the department for future investigations.

If you or a family member or loved one are charged with a Prostitution Offense, please contact the Zuckerman Law Firm, LLC at 412-447-5580. As a former prosecutor of Prostitution cases, Attorney Dave Zuckerman will utilize his experience to build your defense while working behind the scenes to negotiate the best possible resolution of your case. Under appropriate circumstances, one or more of the following resolutions may apply:

  • A withdrawal agreement for the completion of classes;

  • A plea agreement to a non-prostitution offense;

  • A probationary agreement;

  • A return of a significant amount of seized personal property;

  • Entry into the Program for the Re-Integration, Development and Empowerment of Exploited Individuals (PRIDE), which will enable you to obtain mental health treatment, drug and alcohol treatment, as well as vocational training.