Fraternities and sororities receive an unfair amount of criticism nationwide for incidents of drug and alcohol abuse, hazing, and sexual assaults. Most fraternities and sororities operate as productive social organizations that benefit their communities through charitable work. However, the responsible organizations are unfairly lumped in with the limited number of reckless Greek life organizations that engage in unlawful conduct.

The vast majority of fraternity and sorority parties are held without incident, like the many apartment and house parties that are held by independent students. However, all it takes is one fistfight or partygoer suffering from alcohol poisoning to subject fraternity and sorority members to criminal charges and disciplinary actions. Furthermore, one unfortunate incident can lead to the closing of your fraternity or sorority chapter. The most common charges for fraternity and sorority members include:

If you are a fraternity or sorority member charged with a crime, are facing formal disciplinary action with your university, or your chapter is facing disciplinary action from an Interfraternity Council, please contact the Zuckerman Law Firm at 412-447-5580 for a free consultation. As a former fraternity member, Attorney Zuckerman understands the unique circumstances that apply to Greek Life organizations, and will work to aggressively defend you and your chapter from both criminal and disciplinary accusations.