Charges Withdrawn Against Allegheny Co. Man Falsely Accused of Stalking, Harassment & Theft

Our firm is pleased to announce the decision made by prosecutors to fully withdraw felony Theft and misdemeanor Stalking and Harassment against a client who was falsely accused of domestic violence. The client faced a total of 6 separate legal actions as a result of unfounded allegations: 2 criminal cases, 1 PFA, and 3 ICC complaints. This blog post is being made with the client’s direct consent.

Upon learning that our client was in a relationship with another woman, his ex-girlfriend filed for a PFA, and accused him of stealing his own vehicle, which was titled in his ex’s name to lower insurance costs.

After posting bond on the theft case, his ex-girlfriend subsequently accused him of sending threatening text messages to her on three separate occasions. Police ultimately filed three separate indirect criminal contempt complaints (ICC) against the client without ever securing the alleged text messages as evidence, forcing him to pay thousands of dollars to bail bondsmen to secure his release. Police thereafter charged him with Stalking and Harassment.

Social media evidence sent by the ex-girlfriend to the client ultimately cleared his name. At the conclusion of the preliminary hearing on the theft charges, the ex-girlfriend sent a message to the client using her social media account, threatening to ruin his life if he would not take her back.

Thankfully, the client followed our advice for handling domestic violence allegations by preserving a copy of the message and providing it to legal counsel. This message in conjunction with other exculpatory text messages were reviewed with prosecuting attorneys, who made the responsible decision to withdraw all of his criminal charges. Additionally, all PFAs and ICC violations were withdrawn in family court.

Although victorious in a court of law, this came at a great cost to the client, who spent thousands of dollars in bond money and attorney’s fees to clear his name.