Client charged in Bad Check conspiracy ring receives ARD

In 2016, a ZLF client was prosecuted as being involved in a bad check conspiracy ring with over 10 other individuals. In 2012, the Commonwealth alleged that the client wrote approximately $9,000 in bad checks to purchase appliances for the "ring leader," who promised to re-pay the client. The "ring leader" convinced several other desperate individuals to do the same thing before he was apprehended and prosecuted. 

Since 2012, the client had obtained a college degree and a good job. A criminal record for felony theft, conspiracy, bad checks, and related offenses would have caused him to lose his job for good. 

Based upon negotiations with the prosecutor assigned to his case, the client was extended an offer for the ARD program, where he is to be put on a period of probation and repay the stores for their losses. Once complete, all of his charges will be dismissed and expunged from his record. 

Given the serious nature of these felony offenses, ARD was far from a guarantee. The lawyers at ZLF worked hard to obtain character references for the client, which helped present a compelling case for leniency.