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For Drunk Driving Defense - Call 412-447-5580



Whether it's one drink too many or a night of excess, Driving Under the Influence charges can impact your freedom, job opportunities and family relationships. Even a First Offense DUI carries mandatory jail time, license suspension and fines

Whether it's your 1st DUI Offense or you are a 2nd DUI or Repeat DUI Offender, your first call should be to an attorney who has experience prosecuting and defending these cases in Western PA. Attorney David Zuckerman of the Zuckerman Law Firm LLC once prosecuted DUI cases for the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office, and uses this experience to defend clients throughout Western PA.

How can a DUI Attorney help my case?

An experienced Pittsburgh DUI Attorney can help walk you through the legal system for DUI cases, from your preliminary hearing through trial as needed. Attorney David Zuckerman has been successful in helping clients throughout Western Pennsylvania avoid serving time in jail. Even when the case against you is strong, Attorney Zuckerman will work diligently to minimize consequences in any plea agreement, including:

  • Acceptance into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program for first-time offenders or the Phoenix Court program for 2nd time offenders.
  • House Arrest instead of jail.
  • Alternative Housing instead of jail.
  • Work Release from Jail.
  • DUI Court for 3rd Time Offenders

Common DUI Defenses in Pennsylvania

Never assume that you are guilty of DUI because you drank alcohol or had drugs in your system. A skilled DUI attorney will fight for a not-guilty verdict by challenging the evidence offered against you in many ways, including:

  • Attacking weak eyewitness testimony through skillful cross-examination.
  • Police lacked probable cause to arrest you or reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle.
  • Police stopped your vehicle at an illegal DUI checkpoint
  • Police get your blood test results and medical information from the hospital without a valid search warrant.
  • Police take statements from you in violation of your Miranda rights.
  • Medical symptoms (allergies, difficulty walking) are misinterpreted as evidence of your intoxication.
  • Use of Field Sobriety Tests that are not approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • The officer does not properly administer the Field Sobriety Tests in accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines.
  • The improper collection, storage, and transfer of blood evidence to the crime lab.
  • The crime lab fails to follow proper operational procedures.
  • Inaccurate scientific principles used by experts to calculate your blood alcohol content.
  • Inaccurate breath tests due to alcohol and airbag particles in your mouth, burping, vomiting, and acid reflux.
  • The failure to properly watch you for a 20-minute period before your breath test.
  • The failure to properly calibrate and maintain breath testing machines as required by law.
  • The use of simulator solution that does not comply with Pennsylvania Regulations. 

What types of DUI cases does Zuckerman Law Firm handle?

Every type. Whether it's a routine traffic stop, an allegation of fleeing an eluding, or a DUI accident that causes death or debilitating injuries to others, the Zuckerman Law Firm LLC takes DUI and auto cases of all varieties, including:

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