PA Proposes Ban of "Palcohol"

While it is expected that the FDA will approve the sale of powdered alcohol ("Palcohol"), Pennsylvania Senator Shirley Kitchen is seeking to ban the possession or sale of this product in Pennsylvania. If adopted, Senate Bill 588 would ban the sale or possession of powdered alcohol, even if purchased legally from another state. Certain institutions conducting bona fide research would be exempt from the ban. Legislators are concerned about the potential for abuse among minors, who can easily conceal packets on their person. Additional concerns include the potential for consumption by snorting the product, and the dangers associated with adding palcohol to increase the potency of a traditional alcoholic beverage.

As research on palcohol is conducted, we may come to find that the body absorbs and eliminates palcohol differently than traditional alcoholic beverages, which can have a profound impact on the prosecution of DUI cases.

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